Bobbys Blog... for everything that's happening around the riding school and yard.



Louise has let me loose with my own blog, so it is time to share some of the adventures happening on the yard and brings me one step closer to being in charge!


Firstly, if you haven't met me I am the favourite! I might be small in size, but I have a big personality! Louise says it's too big sometimes, but we are working on it!


We are all ready for a summer of fun activities for our riders and liveries and have been having lots of fun in the field recently as we have an arena set up beside the mares field. This is brilliant - I get to strut my stuff for all my fans, maybe one day the mares will notice…


Our pony clubs are busy getting ready for their summer shows, with plenty of badge work going on, including plaiting, colours and marking and show preparation badges, so it is all systems go for our members here. We are going to run some really fun classes for everyone and if you have any questions, you can ask the Pony Club instructors.  Hopefully we will get some sunshine for our shows and we will let everyone know once we have confirmed dates - keep an eye on our Facebook page -

Big Pony Club area boss Lea Allen is coming over for a visit this month and we are very excited to finally meet her! I’m sure she will have lots of tips for us as our Pony Club gets bigger!

We are also going to run a Pony Club dressage series starting soon since everyone who did the tests in spring enjoyed it so much and for a little bit of extra fun we are going to have each Pony Club group design a test for each month for all the members to ride!


We have new activities happening on the yard for our riders during the summer holidays - check out our website for details  -

I’m personally looking forward to the polework clinic, Louise runs one for the liveries every month and they always look really good fun and it gives me a chance to show off my twinkle toes.


We have also had a photoshoot recently for our Pony Parties and a few choice ponies were chosen to be turned into beautiful unicorns and Louise decided I was not a chosen one. The lucky ponies were Candy, Lance, Humbug and Dee - Humbug tells me that pink is not her favourite colour and sparkles are not really her thing. However, she managed to be convinced to take a good picture after about 100 attempts by Ellis and her wonderful team of pony clubbers. Lance looked his usual dashing self and I might have some competition for the best looking pony on the yard.


The boss Iain has been convinced to come out of teaching retirement and has been running some masterclass lessons for our liveries. They seem to be enjoying themselves, but they can’t be very good, because I can hear Iain shouting from my field! I do hear through the grapevine that everyone is enjoying the flatwork and jumping down in the bottom field is nice for the riders and horses.


Our newest horses to the team are Robyn and Fergus, who are having a great time being with us and have lots of fans already.  I’m happy to share some of the limelight with our new team members, it would be difficult not too - they are huge!

As well as new ponies, we also have new staff, so a big hello to Holly, Moire and Naomi who have joined the team. Personally, I like Naomi the best as she tells me how cute I am all the time!